The world of book publishing has evolved rapidly over the past decade, with digital platforms and self-publishing changing the game for both authors and publishers. Amid these changes, publishers still face the daunting task of launching their authors' books, striving to attain the coveted #1 best-seller status to validate their authors' efforts. If you're a small to medium-sized publisher, this article is for you. Discover how our groundbreaking solution can guarantee a best-seller result in just 90 minutes, elevating your authors' success and transforming your publishing business.

The Challenges in Book Launching

Launching a book is no small feat. From identifying the right categories on Amazon to coordinating sales and monitoring rankings, publishers often find themselves overwhelmed. This time-consuming, stress-inducing process can leave you exhausted and questioning the efficiency of traditional methods.

Enter Our Revolutionary Solution

Our software solution, developed in 2017, has saved publishers thousands of man-hours by streamlining the book launch process. We understand the lack of modern, efficient tools in the publishing industry and offer a comprehensive, workflow-driven solution to tackle the challenges of book launching head-on.

The 3-Step Process for Successful Launches

Find Great Categories: Our software enables you to search Amazon in multiple countries to find the best and most viable categories for your authors' books. As a bonus, we reveal a little-known secret strategy that guarantees a 10X better outcome than manual efforts.

PreFlight Checks: With our solution, you can ensure category activation on Amazon and create an international sales page for a solid launch strategy. Our software verifies the activation and ensures that you can proceed confidently.

SuperCharge Your Launch: Leverage our Book Club community for additional sales, book boosts, and reviews while our software monitors achievements and captures screenshots. Say goodbye to sleepless nights, as our software tracks and documents the entire process.

The Benefits of Adopting Our Solution

Our game-changing innovation achieves #1 International Best Seller status, taking your authors to new heights. By adopting our solution, publishers can:

  • Leverage their time and resources more effectively
  • Offer superior results and outcomes for their authors
  • Command better fees for their services
  • With over 3,000 launches and counting, our data-driven approach and industry insight are unmatched.
  • Join our supportive community of publishers and enjoy annual or monthly subscription plans. We'll train you to achieve consistently better results and reveal additional secrets for success.


The future of book publishing is now. Embrace our revolutionary solution to transform your publishing business, streamline book launches, and elevate your authors to #1 best-seller status. Try us out and discover a new, scalable profit center for your publishing business, all at the push of a button.

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