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John North is a Seven-Time #1 International Selling Author about business strategy and internet marketing and his passion on Squash. 

John is on a personal mission to create the platform of the future where entrepreneurs get full control over their online destiny.  

John's 30+ year background in accounting, banking, finance, marketing, and software uniquely positions him to see what entrepreneurs need to be massively successful in today's competitive market and how to future proof yourself. 

John’s passion is to help business owners become more strategic and smarter about their marketing efforts. He constantly pushes the envelope of what’s possible in this modern era and is widely regarded among his peers as very innovative and highly creative in his approach. 

John, CEO of Evolve Systems Group is a serial entrepreneur and has created many products and services designed to empower the business owner including, and Evolve Global Publishing.

His SaaS company is a new revolution in community-based learning and eCommerce marketing solutions.

John is an expert in quick start concepts for online entrepreneurs my accomplishments include:

☑️ Over 30 years in business and online marketing
☑️ Over 25 million worth of sales for myself and clients in 30 years
☑️ Written 6 #1 Best Selling business books
☑️ Published or been involved in over 1,500 books
☑️ Won Australia Day Award for my shire back in 1984
☑️ Worked as an ambulance officer
☑️ Was part of the state emergency  service
☑️ Was policeman for my town for 2 days
☑️ Took over failing accounting software distribution company and turned them into #2 distributor in the world in 3 years
☑️ Built a new software platform from ground up



The Convo Couch - Ep61 (2020)
John North is a special guest on the "Convo Couch" to talk about Publishing and marketing books.

The Convo Couch - Ep62 (2020)
John North is a special guest on the "Convo Couch" to talk about and it's launch.


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What is Success?
It's my belief that success isn't just about making money. Most people start a business for the freedom they expect it to give them. The cold hard reality is that most entrepreneurs end up working longer hours and for a lot less than a typical wage. If someone works harder than an average worker, then why doesn't every entrepreneur become massively successful?


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