A successful book launch on Amazon is about more than just selecting the right categories. PreFlight checks are essential to ensure everything is in order before your author's book goes live. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of PreFlight checks and provide you with a guide to performing them effectively using our software solution.

The Importance of PreFlight Checks

Before launching your author's book, it's crucial to verify that all elements are in place for a smooth and successful launch. PreFlight checks help you confirm that:

  • Categories are correctly assigned: Amazon should have assigned the selected categories to your book. These need to be accurate to ensure optimal discoverability and sales potential.
  • Book details are accurate: Ensure that the book's metadata, including title, author, description, and keywords, are correct and effectively optimized.
  • International sales page is set up: Create a sales page designed to handle book purchasers from different countries, making it easier for readers worldwide to access your author's book.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Effective PreFlight Checks

  • Verify category activation: Once you have selected the best categories for your author's book using our category selection tool, use our PreFlight check software to confirm that Amazon has assigned them correctly. Wait for the "Active" status before proceeding with the launch.
  • Create an international sales page: Design a sales page capable of handling book purchasers from various countries, making it easy for readers worldwide to access and purchase your author's book. Our software can guide you through this process.


Performing PreFlight checks is a vital step in ensuring a smooth and successful book launch on Amazon. By leveraging our software solution, you can save time and effort while ensuring that your author's book is optimally positioned for maximum visibility, discoverability, and sales potential. Adopt our PreFlight check solution to guarantee that everything is in place before your author's big day and set the stage for a triumphant launch.

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