So what are the best ways to make a fortune from scratch?


Here are some excerpts from Dan Kennedy's Book How to Make Millions With Your Ideas.


Wealth is very often linked to exclusive ownership or control of a particular product or service, rather than being a part of someone else's business model.

One of the insider secrets to making millions is doing everything possible to minimise circumstances beyond your control. 

Ordinary businesses can surprise you.  

Consider businesses like dry cleaners, gift shops, and restaurants, who seem to have created a job for themselves and make nominal income. Somewhere in every one of these business categories is someone who has turned an ordinary business into an extraordinary profit-making machine.

The exciting truth is that you can take just about any ordinary business and manage the money very intelligently and that business will make you rich. The service category is a large business category.


Because at all levels of society, people are unbelievably pressed for time, so they need someone to do it for them. Incorporating a personal service element in any business or product will enable you to capitalize on this trend.

Join me next time for part 2!

Now go forth and multiply.

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