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What would it be like if you had greater control over and impact on your sales team’s performance? What new opportunities would you be able to capture? What problems would you solve? What degree of personal growth would you experience? What about your people?

Sales management can be a lonely and unforgiving job, and the difference between being an excellent leader and being average (or worse) depends largely on the choices you make with your time.

Using real-life examples from his extensive experience as a sales leader and coach, Matt McDarby walks you through tasks that can improve your skills as a sales manager and tasks that can help you improve your team’s performance.

The Cadence of Excellence will show you how to make better decisions about where to spend your time and effort. And it will help you identify changes you can make today that will have a huge impact on you and those you lead now and in the future

Feedback from the Author:

The biggest challenge I had in promoting my first book was that it takes a lot of time, and there isn't really a playbook for indie-published authors to reach best-seller status. My book received some really nice recognition from people in the industry space I occupy, but there weren't a lot of brand-new readers or people who didn't know my work that was finding, reading, and reviewing the book.

I have received some recognition from some unexpected people -- who I don't know and who have expressed interest in the book and in what I do.

Thank you, John and team, for helping me crack the code on best-seller status for my book. It is making a difference in how my book is found and who is reading it.

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