Rhiannon Heins is emerging as one of Australia’s most sought-after channels and energy healers. With a strong and grounded connection to the galactic realms, Rhiannon has channeled The Keepers of the Light Codes, a powerful text to assist humanity during these times of great change.
This book shows its awakened readers how to finally put an end to the seemingly never-ending journey of spiritual growth and personal development, and how to live a divinely supported and inspired life.
The channeled lessons and techniques within The Keepers of the Light Codes alchemise the reader into a higher state of consciousness wherein self-mastery can be realised. If you are reading and resonate with the words of this text and the channeling states, then you must trust that you are more ready than you know to rise up, beyond all doubt and veils of illusion, beyond all limitations of the mind and the emotional body, to claim your spiritual mastery and take your place as a keeper of the light codes.

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