Author Feedback: Nick Jonsson #1 International Best Selling Author - "Executive Loneliness"

I'm the managing director and co-founder of EGN. It's a network for senior executives and business owners, and I have the franchise rights for Singapore, so that's where I'm working. We have 420 members at the moment. So my job day in and out is conducting and running confidential peer groups for these executives.

I needed some more credibility. I had a lot of ad hoc PR articles and so on, but I didn't really have something that stood out. I wasn't, for example, able to charge for my keynote talks and so on, and this was one of my biggest challenges. How do I step up the game to be able to charge money for the keynotes I'm given.

I had lots of invitations and opportunities, but I need to start charging. This is now what the book has actually helped me to do. I'm now working with a speaking organization, basically, who's selling my keynotes and this was something that wasn't possible before. So for this, I'm grateful for what the book has done.

At the moment now, with the book being out and the best-selling campaign, it's certainly put a lot of credibility to my profile. I'm interviewed on a lot of podcasts and people are actually coming to me. People are writing to me. I don't have to proactively go out there really to look for stuff and I can handpick what is the most, best for me. Actually, I have three radio interviews this week and this is incredible. I mean, to get on radio, especially in Singapore is very competitive. I used to go on perhaps once or twice a year. Now I have a few every month I had TV opportunities and so on, and this is really what I think the credibility that this campaign gave me.

I would say first, I was one of the people who always had on a bucket list to write a book and publish a book, but so many others, very, very difficult things. That's when I heard about Evolve Global Publishing and I spoke to some other people who had actually launched the books through Evolve Global Publishing. I started to get some hope that maybe I can do this.

I was so happy that they actually took us through step by step to get the book written. This would definitely have been one of those projects I started and ended halfway, but due to the support and ongoing, sort of, coaching style, I managed to complete the book and manage to launch it.

It's just been a fantastic journey and I'm very grateful for the support that I still received today.

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