Author Feedback: Ford Brewer #1 International Best Selling Author - "Prevention Myths"

My name is Ford Brewer. I'm sitting here in an airport. Got a lot of stuff going on.

Some of that has to do with getting this book out. It's called "Prevention Myths: Why Stress Tests Don't Predict Heart Attack and Which Tests Actually Do". I co-wrote this with my friend Todd Eldridge, and we've got several different categories of international bestsellers coming out of the blocks. That happened because we worked with John North and Evolvepreneur.

We're very happy we did. There's just nothing at all that helps boost the validity and the respect that your content gets, no matter where your content is. I have a moderate-sized YouTube channel- a hundred thousand subscribers. I've got a lot of consulting work that I do, and I have a couple of companies that I'm working on and running.

Again, there's nothing like having the respect of the medical community, patients, and folks that are interested in your content and there's nothing like having a book that has reached bestseller status to help underline that respect. Thank you so much, John.

Go take a look. This could save your life.

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