Alex Hyndman Hill


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Alex is an international journalist with over twenty years of experience in TV, radio, and print media. She has anchored news and sports programs around the world and written articles for publications across the globe. Alex has now added author to her long list of achievements with her first book inspired by her personal journey into sobriety.

After her marriage broke down, Alex moved back to Australia with her two young children. She found herself turning to alcohol to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. However, when the father of her children passed away, her drinking escalated, and her children witnessed her at her worst. This was the wake-up call Alex needed to make a change.

Today, Alex is not just a journalist but also a beacon of hope for those struggling with alcohol. She helps people see that not drinking is the new normal. She shares her story openly and honestly, making her a relatable and trustworthy figure for those who are battling their own issues with alcohol.

Alex's mission is to show others that a fulfilling life without alcohol is not just possible but within their reach. She talks about the positive changes that came from giving up alcohol and models this for others to do in their own lives. Her story is a testament to the power of resilience and the possibility of transformation, making her an inspiration to many.

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